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Just For Fun TG by Napalm816
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Out for a Jog TG
Not much further left to go; just a couple more minutes home and I'll be done with my afternoon jog. One of the best parts about this daily routine is seeing all of the hot babes that were out getting their own exercise. Whoa, hold on a second; are these....clothes? Right here on the sidewalk, just lying there, are feminine workout clothes. By the looks of it they aren't very cheap either. Why would some chick just leave these here? Better yet, why was she taking off her clothes in the first place? Oh well, maybe I'll give them to Goodwill or whatever place would take them honestly. Just gonna grab the top, the shorts, and finally, the shoes. Alright, now back to what I was doing.

Man, these might be women's clothing, but they look fantastic, not to mention sexy! Damn, why is my hair so long? Why is is black? I could've sworn I had brown hair. Whatever, I must be hallucinating. Let's just keep walking and, what the hell, what are these growing out of my chest? Holy shit, they're fucking boobs, and they're not gonna stop growing anytime soon from the looks of it. God my entire body feels like its on fire, my spine is pushing me down on my knees. My fingernails, they weren't always this long, and my arms, they have no hair on them! In fact, my skin feels so smooth, so flawless. Even my hands and feet are starting to look like they belong to a young woman.

Did someone just punch me in the stomach? It sure feels like it. Speaking of which, my core looks like it's being sucked into a vacuum; not only that, my waist is getting narrower. My midsection looks like something off a fitness magazine, and I like it! Ugh, why does my throat feel like it's on fire? My voice, it's getting higher and higher as I talk! Wow, I even sound like a chick now. It looks like my boobs have finally stopped growing, and they sure are huge; they have to be E-cups, not a size smaller. Every time I look down my vision will be blocked by these melon-sized breasts. Fuck, my face is hurting like a bitch right now. It hurts like hell but it's starting to subside. Good, it stopped. Is that cherry lip gloss; let me lick my lips really quick and see. Yep, I'm wearing make-up. I wish I had a mirror; if the rest of this body is any indication, I'm a stone-cold fox *giggle*.

Only a few things left intact, one of which lies between my legs. It's not taking anytime making it's exit, however; there it goes, swiftly deflating into my crotch as my vagina takes its rightful place. On the other side of the fence, my butt is on its way to rival my bust. It's inflating, and my hips are even forcing themselves outward; if it doesn't stop soon, it's gonna rip off my...*RIP*. Oh my, that's something *giggle*; guess that's a sign that I should change into clothes more suitable for my body. I should also replace my top and shoes while I'm at it. Would you look at that, I'm even wearing a bra and panties, just my luck! My thighs are sure filling out nicely, these babies could suffocate someone if they wanted to. Just the opposite is happening to my legs and feet, but regardless they flow perfectly into each other.

It's stopping? Well, I guess that was everything. That sure took a lot out of me, I should probably rest for a bit. First though, these clothes I'm holding do not fit nor match me at all. Let me just fold them up, put the shoes on top and, whala! I'll put them right where I found this lovely outfit. Alright, back to what I was doing. Sweat is running over my tits and into my cleavage as they bounce up and down with my jogging motion. Men all around are staring, and the women are either looking at me with jealousy or angst. One of the best parts about this daily routine is seeing all of the hot hunks getting their own exercise. Maybe I'll run into one and we can do our own little personal exercise together in private *giggle*.
Just For Fun TG
It all started on an ordinary Saturday afternoon. I was alone in my apartment as always, watching basketball on TV. The doorbell suddenly rang so I stood up and went to answer. I opened the door, to be greeted by not a person, but a box at my feet. Picking it up, I peeked inside and saw a pair of silky black yoga pants that were neatly folded up. "Obviously, the wrong address, let's see" I looked around for one, but there was no shipping nor even a return address. Whatever, I'd just toss them and be done with it. I walked towards the trash, yet with each step I was less and less interested in throwing them away. "I...maybe I should just try them on once, just for fun." At the time it sounded completely rational. Going into my room, I shut the door and closed the blinds.  Taking off my garments and slipping them on, I had trouble the further I raised them up, but with one last pull they slipped over and up where they needed to be. I gave them a good feel as I started to picture myself showing off for all the hot guys. Their girlfriends would be so jealous!

"What the fuck am I thinking? I think it's about time I take these off and have a beer or two." As I reached my hands down and grabbed them, I pulled down with all my might but they would not budge.  My attention was soon diverted to my arms, which were now smooth and hairless. A weird sensation spread across my body and I began to sweat from the heat. My stylish blonde hair that I took pride in grew in luscious waves down my back and tied itself into a long ponytail. My facial hair had receded inward until it was completely gone, leaving my skin soft and smooth. The muscles in my legs and arms became less and less prominent as they became long and slender, also causing me to lose height. "Holy shit!" My voice was at least an octave higher, making me fear the worst and what was to come. My hands and feet were both smaller in size and coated with an aqua blue nail polish. The most painful part came as my back forcefully arched in, causing two DD breasts to grow from my chest and my ass to explode out from behind.

I raised up my hands to my face and scratched the mysterious itch; the damage was already done when I realized I was helping my transformation and my face was completely feminized now. As both my Adam's apple and stomach pulled in, my penis and testicles did the same. Once my crotch was rid of my male parts, a new vagina formed in its place. " Fucking Christ I'm a woman! My clothes are even changing too!" My angelic, alluring voice oozed with feminine sexuality. As my clothes began their own transformation, I thought about what had just happened to me. The yoga pants must have caused this, I thought as I turned and looked at my new ass. I had to admit I looked damn fine in them, people would stare for sure. Once the changes to my clothes finished, I fell onto my bed and passed out.


It's been three months since that day and I still don't know who left those pants for me, and to be honest I wouldn't be mad at them. In fact, I would probably end up thanking them. They gave me a killer body and an exciting life of sex and pleasure. The change also made everyone believe I had always been female, so the easy choice for me was to accept and embrace it. Oh yeah, I like men instead of women now. As much as I love showing off mine, boobs and ass just don't get me off as much anymore. However, I have seen my fair share of cocks, very big ones too! *giggle* I'm going out again tonight, so hopefully some stud will bring me back to his place and I can get my brains fucked out again, just for fun! *giggle*

Mature Content

Contented TG
The music blared as I danced, surely putting on a good show for the crowd goers. I knew they were staring, and it didn’t make me feel uneasy whatsoever. In fact, I was hoping they were watching. I was so caught up in it all that I didn’t notice my friend Cassie approach me. “Enjoying ourselves, Nikki?” she giggled.

I froze instantly “N-no, no way, of course not!” I lied in the sound of my bubbly, cheerful feminine voice. There is a long story behind all of this. I used to be a man named Nick, and was dating Cassie, had an older brother who was very protective of her. He didn’t like me at all; in fact, I think he despised every ounce of my existence.

What made matters worse was that Cassie’s family came from a long line of wizards, which meant all the men in their bloodline had magical abilities and powers. One night when I was visiting, he said in front of everyone that he’d stop at nothing to keep me from dating his baby sister. Of course Cassie and her family were appalled, but I was feeling pretty cocky that night “Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?”

It didn’t take him very long to transform me from an average white guy into a sexy Asian bombshell. That wasn’t all; he also made it to where everyone but I and he had always known me as the babe he made me into. “Nikki I’m so jealous! Don’t you know that men would kill to sleep with you and women would die to have a body like yours? Look at yourself for crying out loud!”

Over time, I’d not only grown comfortable and confident in my new skin, but my personality had shifted as well. I was now attracted to men instead of women, and I made sure I always wore clothes that showed off my body. Of course I still had moments of reluctance, but those were gradually becoming less and less frequent. As I looked around, a tall, handsome hunk caught my eye from the distance. As I was about to run off, Cassie put a hand on my shoulder “don’t forget this” she handed me a condom and I smiled “thanks bestie!”

A Very Happy Accident TG
My name used to be Adam, and I was a college dropout. When I wasn't working at Taco Bell, I usually just mindlessly browsed through social media. My life was boring and empty of any purpose. One day, my friend, Aaron, convinced me to join him at the beach to check out the bikini-clad women. He was a college graduate from a rich, prestigious family. If I said I wasn't even slightly jealous, I'd be lying, big time. The two of us stood on the walkway that overlooked the beach, and I could see his eyes peering around. It was when a very stunning young woman with black hair walked near us that it happened.

“Damn, that might be the finest pair of tits and ass I’ve ever seen” Aaron heckled. Stopping in her tracks, she turned her head and gave him a piercing glare.
“You think you're hot shit?” she shouted, pointing her finger at him. He wouldn’t let up, however, answering back with a “I sure do, babe” while grinning and flexing his muscles. “Let’s see how you feel when it’s you being treated like a piece of meat!” A light illuminated from her index finger and started to glow brighter and bigger. Suddenly, she tripped and the stream that she shot out hit me square on.

It all happened so fast; the only thing I noticed was that from my groans I could hear my voice getting higher until it was distinctively soft and feminine. Observing and feeling my body, I didn’t even need a mirror to know that I was a total knockout. Long, thick blonde hair rested both down my back and over my luscious DD breasts. I ran my hands over my bodacious ass, noticing how full and enticing it was.
The absence of manhood and the presence of womanhood between my legs were absolutely frightening. My skin hadn’t been this smooth since I was a young kid. From the cherry gloss on my lips to the mascara on my eyes, I was all dolled up, even though I still would’ve been sexy as hell without it. The clothes I wore were frighteningly revealing, and a chill ran down my spine. Of course, that may have been because of how little I was wearing.

So now, I’m known as Alyssa, and things are very much different than they were before. At first I wanted to resist my new body as much as possible. But as time went on, I begin to notice how people, especially men, treated me better. Countless opportunities have presented themselves to me. Of course it’s all sort of superficial since I’m a beautiful, young woman, but damned if I say I'm not going to take advantage of it. Needless to say I don't work at Taco Bell anymore; I'm a supermodel who makes big bucks. Another thing I enjoy the hell out of is my boyfriend Aaron; yes, we’re a couple now. He treats me so well and would go to hell and back for me. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a total hunk and AMAZING in bed. I mentioned that he's rich, right? A chance accident has made my life so much better, and I couldn't be more thankful.

Tunnel of Love TG
To be honest, I had no idea how me and Andrew were such good friends. Not that it was a bad thing, but the two of us were literally polar opposites. He was the stereotypical nerd while I, Cameron, was an athletic jock. At the end of the semester, we both decided to spend a day at the local amusement park before we embarked on our summer vacation. We both arrive and without much of a hassle we find a spot and make our way inside. Looking around at the attractions, a particular ride caught our eye. It was called the Tunnel of Love. As a joke, we decided to ride just so we could laugh at how stupid it was. Standing in line, an abundance of couples anxiously awaited their turn. I was hoping neither I nor Andrew would ever stoop to this point in our relationships. Nearly twenty minutes later we boarded our little boat and we were off.

Our boat entered the tunnel deeper and deeper until we couldn't see much of anything. That changed when cheesy pink lights lit up in the shapes of hearts while an animated Cupid flew in the air. Then all of a sudden it got dark again, but I could tell something was wrong because our ride came to a stop. "Of all the rides we could get stuck on!" I scoffed. That thought took a backseat just seconds later when I felt a sharp pain shoot through my body. I felt the weight on my chest get heavy as my hair grew longer down my back. My arms and legs began to feel lighter as my torso seemed to crunch inward. I heard Andrew groan in pain as well, something was seriously going wrong. Underneath the lap bar I would feel my hips widen as I was pushed upward slightly by the expansion of my ass. Reaching down with my hands to my thighs, I felt them thicken as my face was being vigorously altered. Between my thighs my penis and testicles were both violently pulsating until they suddenly pulled inward. They reformed themselves into a vagina as a complete overhaul of my reproductive system took place. Fabric rubbed against my now soft, smooth skin as I felt more exposed and vulnerable than before.

All at once the lights flickered on and our boat was once again moving. Able to clearly observe myself, I was speechless at what I saw. I was a woman, but not just an average woman, I was an absolute knockout. My breasts were proud DD's and my ass stuck out in a way that begged for attention. The clothes I wore put my killer figure on full display. "Oh my god! Andrew, what the hell happened?" I panicked in a frightened, feminine voice. When I turned to look at my friend, I didn't see the nerdy Andrew who I'd known my entire life. Instead, I saw a tall, muscular man who was ripped to the core. "Cameron! How did this happen to us?" he asked in a very deep and masculine tone. Our boat turned ninety degrees to face a long mirror plastered against the wall. Staring back at us was a handsome man who looked like he lifted weights for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a stone cold fox blonde bombshell that would make any man fall to their knees. We were both dumbfounded as our ride came to an end and we arrived back at the station. Without speaking a word we exited the ride and left the park.

The both of us would soon learn that reality had changed so that Andrew had always been a popular football star and that I, Camille, was his sexy minx of a girlfriend. We both learned our lesson that day: never mess with something as sacred as love.


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