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“Jason! Get in here, I wanna show you something!” I called out to my roommate. He came into the kitchen where I was at and then asked “Shane, what the hell is that?” Of course he was pointing at the genie bottle I’d bought online. It was only $5 so even if it was a scam it wouldn’t kill my bank account. “Jason, you’ve waited long enough to get a girl, so I’m going to help you!” I said as I rubbed the lamp. A puff of smoke shot out from inside and a big, burly man with a tail for legs formed. “Master, you have freed me! Now, I must grant you one wish. Oh and before you complain about not getting three, you get what you pay for, kid.” Nodding my head, he had a point. After all, I really only needed one in the first place. “I wish there was a hot girl right in our apartment just for Jason.” The genie shrugged as he shot out a beam of magic at me.

“Hey, what the hell are you…” I gasped as I heard my voice; it was high-pitched and sultry-sounding. My brown hair lengthened as two breasts burst from my chest. My arms and legs slenderized as my waist and hips went opposite directions to form an hourglass figure. I put my hands up on my face as it felt like it was on fire, only to also notice that my hands and nails were distinctly feminine. My rear inflated and pushed out into a full, sexy ass while my thighs gained mass themselves. As my feet shrank in size slightly, my penis and balls slurped into my crotch and left behind was a pussy. Finally, my clothes changed to fit my new body and show off my assets.

Looking at the reflection on my phone, which was now pink to my displeasure, I saw my face. God damn I’m beautiful, I thought as I admired myself. Wait, why was I doing that? Turning my head around I wanted to yell at the genie, but he was gone. “Jason! Where’d he go?” I asked out loud, now having a hard time finding my friend. “What are you talking about, babe?” I heard his voice from the living room. As I walked up to him, I spoke nervously “Jason, do you remember anything at all?” Putting down his phone he said “the only thing I remember was how good you were last night Sophie” he said in a romantic tone. Oh god, not only was I a chick, I was Jason’s girlfriend. That stupid genie! What made things worse was the fact that I was beginning to get turned on.

Trying to contain my urges and feelings was hopeless, so I gave in to my new identity. “Ready for round two?” I smiled as I leaned over, putting my rack on display for my new boyfriend. Before I knew it, we were both in his bedroom and he was in me. I loved the feeling, and never wanted to give it up.

Gendbend Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
That's the only wish I'd have to become my friends sexy girl
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December 14, 2016
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